We tested some of our hammocks, various ropes and splicing configurations to see how much strength it would take to break them.

Intending to find the breaking strength of our Paradise Starter nylon hammocks, the ropes actually broke first.

The first hammock (orange, video below) was attached with spliced Dyneema rope and one of the splices broke at 734 kg (1618.2 lbs.).

The second hammock (blue, video below) was using double 550 Paracord ropes on each end, and one of the 4 suspension paracord ropes broke at 438 kg (965.6 lbs.).

Until now, the strength it will take to break our nylon Tropic Hammocks remains uncertain.

Our Tropic Hammocks didn't break at 700kg (1600 lbs.) but we advise a safe weight limit of 150kg (330 lbs)

NOTE: Cuts or tears in the HEM of the hammock will lead to complete ripping across, and should be re-hemmed before re-use. A hole anywhere in the middle (i.e. pen/key poke, cigarette hole, etc) should not cause catastrophic failure as the surrounding material continues to support the pull and weight, but should be patched asap.

REMEMBER: Strength testing results must not replace common sense decisions such as:

  1. Never hang over sharp and or dangerous objects or terrain.
  2. Always inspect ropes, connections and hammock integrity.
  3. Never jump in a hammock.

See more Safety Tips.

Whoopie Slings (x2) + Whoopie Fring (x1) (all 3mm Dyneema)
Tensile failure = 682 kg (1503.6 lbs)

When we tested our Whoopie Slings and Whoopie Frings together, we had to use a large ground mounted horizontal test machine. For safety reasons, we chose not to stand too close to capture it well enough on video, so all we have are photos. Maybe we'll test miniaturized versions that fit in the safer vertical test machine.

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Orange Paradise Starter Hammock with Dyneema rope suspension.
Tensile failure = 734 kg (1618.2 lbs.)


Royal Blue Paradise Starter Strength Test with Double 550 Paracord rope suspension
Tensile failure = 438 kg (965.6 lbs.)


Whoopie Frings Strength Test: (3mm Dyneema SK75 carabiner replacement)
Testing FringsTest Frings - Failure Points
Featuring Adjustable Locked Brummel and double-strand Diamond Knot (ABOK#787)
(A) 1/2 Bury - Tensile failure: 1252.3 kg (2760.8 lbs.)
(B) 3/4 Bury - Tensile failure: 1282.6 kg (2827.6 lbs.)
(C) 100% Bury - Tensile failure: 1255.1 kg (2767 lbs.)
NOTE: All our Whoopie Frings now include two (2) diamond knots for greater versatility, and possible safety.


Whoopie Floops Strength Test: (3mm Dyneema SK75) (a.k.a. spliced continuous locked loops) form the ends of our hammocks for ridge lines or backup suspension points
Tensile failure: 1523.5 kg (3358.7 lbs.)


Double 550 Paracord Lanyard Hitch ABOK#1673 with Drawing Bend Strength Test
Tensile failure: 313.4 kg (690.9 lbs.)


550 Paracord Drawing/Parcel Bend ABOK #1474 Strength Test:
Tensile failure: 248.8 kg (548.5 lbs.)